More Aqua Casas

Richard LaFrate contacted us to show the building of his Aqua Casa. We haven't ever had a builder share their building photos with us when working on the Aqua Casa. There is not a lot of narration, but you can see the steps that were taken to accomplish the build in the photos that follow. We thank you, Richard, for sharing!

"Hi, I am an owner builder of a 20' aqua casa with trailer. The name of the boat is "Oh Oh Marie" and it's located in Leesburg, Florida.

I started construction in Jan. 2000 and after 20 months plus a few calls to Berkely, it was launched. I used it on the wonderful waterways of central Florida.

The boat has recently been re-painted with the same colors. It is powered by a 40 horse Nissan 2 cycle.

The boat is located on the Harris chain of lakes in Leesburg, Florida. The name of the boat is "OH OH Marie".I usually run the boat between 2000 and 2500 RPM, that gets me about 10 MPH. If I wanted to go fast I would have built something else. I enjoy the relaxing pace of my little home on the water,as a matter of fact we lived on it for two weeks between moves. It has a 30 gallon fresh water tank and also city water hookup, a two and a half gallon water heater, a shower with ceramic tile floor, a small lavatory, a sink in the galley ,a microwave that was added since the photos were taken and an apartment size refrigerator that I can run overnight with my inverter and a deep cycle battery. I have a marine barbeque that is also a stove that I mount to the mooring bit. I also have a small generator that will provide 110 volts when away from shore. The main reason I went with a 40 HP motor is because it was the smallest available with power trim & tilt."


Enjoy the photos!