Houseboat Plans! Build the Houseboat of Your Dreams!

Above is a photo of our 16 foot long "Aqua Casa 16"! This boat is fully trailerable. You can take this boat wherever your travels take you. You can also leave it in your local marina as a spot for a weekend getaway. Here you have your own private water-front house. It can double as a self-contained travel trailer. Stay in a campground one night and on the water the next. It is simple to build, even for someone who has not attempted such a project. It is very easy to launch this boat. The plans include instructions for the trailer conversion.

To go directly to the Aqua Casa page click here: Aqua Casa Houseboats

Berkeley Engineering has houseboat plans to fit each and every lifestyle! Berkeley Eastman designed and built the prototype for each of these boats, worked on perfecting the designs and then meticulously drew them into an easy-to-read Computer Aided Drafting program on the computer. Our plans are easy to follow and work from. Even if you have never built a boat, you can build one of ours from our simple to understand and follow houseboat plans! The Aqua Casa houseboats are both trailerable. The Cape Codder can be used as your live-aboard boat.

This is a drawing of our "Aqua Casa 20" taken from the actual plans. This boat is 20 feet long. This boat is very similar to the Aqua Casa 16, just a bit larger. On this model you will have more space for people, storage and fun!

This is our "Cape Codder", completely constructed from our houseboat plans. This boat is the result of years of our customers asking for a simple to build boat that can be a live-aboard! The design reflects Berkeley Eastman's love of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where he grew up. The Cape Codder is your home-away-from-home! It is plush and roomy, sleeps 4 to 6, and has room to include all of the amenities of a real home! To go directly to our Cape Codder page, click here: Cape Codder Houseboats

Kent Griswold has a website on mini-homes, and has included the Cape Codder as part of his site. He will be adding the Aqua Casa to the site soon, also! Please go to his site and see what a great job he has done! We hope you enjoy it! See the Mini Floating Houses!

«If you are having trouble deciding which of the houseboats will best fit your needs, you can go to our Order Page and order our Houseboat Information Packet. This will give you complete information and specifications on ALL of our houseboats. OR you may ALSO use this link to go ahead and IMMEDIATELY place your order for the set of plans of your choice!